Zeal founder Carl R. Lettig

"We help organisations transform so that they reach their potential and their aspirations, Safely. Safely for us means that every aspect of the business links, and drives strategic, operating, financial and human dimensions powerfully and sustainably."

– Carl Luttig, Managing Director - Zeal

Our Passion: To build trusted relationships with our clients based on delivery of exceptional value. We believe strongly in the concept of co-design and the power of conversation.

Our Mantra: Together We Design Your Future.

Our Values: Integrity: Ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do; and, Fun: Allowing the joy of life and the pride of achievement to be expressed and fully experienced through all of our work and relationship activities.

ZEAL commenced in 1996 when the founder, the then Global VP Safety - CRA, performed a management buy-out of the CRA Safe Department with 4 colleagues. From that day forward ZEAL built a network of the best thinkers and practitioners in safety, risk and change which has enabled us to accumulate considerable intellectual property and experience over our 18 years of operation.

Our model is to provide high quality support and advice to organisations. We are a scalable boutique consultancy with a core group of employees supported by a larger network of independent consultants, many of which have been employees of ZEAL at some time in our history.

Our success is built on the capability of our people, track record of delivering results through a belief that every customer is unique and important.

Over 18 years we have helped many organisations in mining, retail, manufacturing, engineering services and telecommunications achieve strategic and tactical objectives by applying the right capability, capacity and methodology.


The necessary evolution of ZEAL

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

We believe that businesses should embrace change. If you don’t change, most likely you will lose your competitive edge and in the process would more than likely fail to meet the needs of your growing customer base, perhaps even losing your loyal customers. At ZEAL we decided to commit to refreshing the brand in late 2013. Our business has been in existence for 18 years, during which we have undergone similar changes twice in the past in order to remain relevant in our market. This was no different. We were in need of a makeover, not only in its look and brand, but also internally and in the way we market ourselves. ..

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