The necessary evolution of ZEAL

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

We believe that businesses should embrace change. If you don’t change, most likely you will lose your competitive edge and in the process would more than likely fail to meet the needs of your growing customer base, perhaps even losing your loyal customers. At ZEAL we decided to commit to refreshing the brand in late 2013. Our business has been in existence for 18 years, during which we have undergone similar changes twice in the past in order to remain relevant in our market. This was no different. We were in need of a makeover, not only in its look and brand, but also internally and in the way we market ourselves.

We feel it is important to practice what we preach to our client base. After a lot of soul searching, we took to the market and asked some tough questions. Armed with this market research, and in conjunction with the sharp minds of our consultants, we are proud to re-enter our market with a fresh, robust approach. The decision was based on the following reasons:

1. Challenging the Status Quo

The word "Why?" often leads to new ideas and new innovations that can directly impact the bottom line. Businesses benefit from change that result in new ways of looking at customer needs, new ways of delivering customer service, new ways of strengthening customer interactions and new products that might attract new markets. By looking at the outcome of the market research, we encouraged fresh eyes joining the business to point out areas of opportunity for improvement that those who have been long involved in the business could have overlooked. The existing employees were encouraged to question why things are done a certain way and look for new ways to get work done faster, better and with higher levels of quality and service.

2. Growth Opportunities

2 Growth Opportunities Internally, change is important in order to allow employees to learn new skills, explore new opportunities and exercise their creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the business through new ideas and increased commitment. Preparing employees to deal with these changes involves an analysis of the tools and training required to help them learn new skills to offer the market.

3. The Economy

We all know that the economy can impact on businesses in both positive and negative ways and both can be stressful. A strong economy and increasing demand for products and services will mean that companies must consider expansion that might involve the addition of staff and new facilities. During the height of the mining boom, this was most certainly the case. These changes offer opportunities for staff, but also represent new challenges. A weaker economy on the other hand, can create even more problems as businesses find themselves needing to make difficult decisions that can impact employees and even threaten their jobs. The ability to manage both ends of the spectrum are critical to maintain a strong brand and strong relationships with customers as well as employees.

4. Customer Needs

Technology also has affected how we communicate. Today's burgeoning communication technology represents changes that allow businesses to learn more; faster than ever before. With this in mind we built a new website that meets these demands and we hope that you visit us to see what we are up to.

Getting anyone to change is hard. Getting a whole organisation to change is even harder, but we did it. Because we want to, because we need to, in order to continue to thrive.

Together, We Design the Future.

Sue Mills
Head of Sales & Marketing

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