Two Victorian Workers Killed in 48 Hours, 1 Seriously Injured in Workplace Accidents

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Two young workers have died and a third has been seriously injured after a string of workplace incidents in Victoria over just two days.

Worksafe reported these 3 incidents last week:

Fall from height – A young man in his early 20’s was seriously injured when he fell from height at an apartment construction site in Fitzroy on Tuesday morning

Electrocution – A 29-year-old was electrocuted while working near a live switchboard at a factory in Dandenong on Monday.

Fall from height - A 17-year-old girl working as a stable hand died after falling from a horse at a property near Broadford on Sunday.

These fatal incidents act as a reminder to us passionate about Safety, that employers need to make sure their systems and processes are rigorous enough to withstand such anomalies as employees returning from holidays, or new employees starting work for the first time.  These are very important aspects to consider ensuring your business is working safely.

How can we ensure businesses are ‘Working Safely’?

For over 20 years, we have helped many organisations achieve strategic and tactical objectives by using a Framework we call LAD®.  It looks like this:

What does this mean?

Our experience tells us that laying a Discipline base will improve culture to a certain extent – generally this is limited to knowledge about how things should be done and a heightening of safety awareness.

The combination of Discipline and Analysis achieves further improvement in culture. It provides focus on the things that really matter and a better understanding of why things need to be done a certain way. It ensures we remain risk- focused in our approach and we understand the concept of contributing factors and latent conditions that contribute to bad safety outcomes.

The combination of Discipline, Analysis and Leadership gives the greatest potential for cultural improvement. It allows leadership to focus on the important things and to provide the right enablers for success.  Systems become leadership tools rather than command-control impositions. This allows leaders to inspire whilst also being engaged where necessary to ensure the right resources are deployed at the right time by the right people.

Off course, like any framework, it needs a methodology to be implemented and executed, which brings us to the ZealCare® system.

What is ZealCare®?

The ZealCare® system measures and targets both

·         high impact – low frequency and

·         low impact – high frequency incidents. 

ZealCare® is the foundation safety management system for over 4,000 sites across Australia. 

What does this mean?

Auditing using ZealCare® gives a score for each of Leadership, Analysis and Discipline ranging from E for bad and A for exemplary. An AAA rating means that a company has achieved a Generative culture that is totally self-sustaining.

On the other hand, a DDD rating would mean a very Reactive culture that might have a lot of safety activity and commitment, but it is not deliberate (calculative) and strategic.

The entire ZEALCare® system is built around this one simple model: it unites the efforts of management, technical and professional staff, and front-line ‘operators’ in one simple picture.  This is what we call ‘Working Safely’, and not just managing Safety.

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