ZealCare® - From Safety to Safely

For over 20 years, we have helped many organisations achieve strategic and tactical Objectives. 

Strategy vs execution; what matters more—great strategy or great execution? New research finds that strategy wins, especially disruptive strategies that respond powerfully to digitization. (McKinsey Quarterly January 2018.)

Damage Costs

We all know that injury and disease carry a huge price. They can cost a business financially in terms of rehabilitation and compensation; they can cost immeasurably in human suffering. They can cost through wasted efforts and resources that delivered minimal benefit.

ZealCare® Pays

ZealCare® pays by delivering a comprehensive approach to safety. It brings clarity to complexities of incidents and damage; it directs safety efforts according to risk. It pays by placing particular emphasis on reducing risk in the critical few areas which account for the overwhelming majority of damage costs.

The Goal of ZealCare®

ZealCare®’s goal is uncompromising:  it aims to eliminate all damage to people.  To do this ZealCare® has a two-pronged approach dealing with:

  higher frequency-lower consequence incidents and,

  lower frequency-higher consequence incidents.

The first group is addressed by a broad-based system of controls, and progress is reflected in measures such as Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates.  The second group is tackled by focused effort in high risk areas. What kill us does not necessarily injure us, and what injure us does not necessarily kill us. (Think parachute failing to open).

This is contrary to the old belief from Heinrich and later Bird that for every 30 serious injuries there will be a fatality.

We believe that the risk profile for every company, its business units and departments, are potentially very different and therefore requires different approaches. ZealCare® allows an organisation to be very risk specific by way of adding Analysis to the normal control mechanisms and focussing leadership attention on the issues that matter. It assists an organisation to add effort to the creation of a “working Safely” culture.

Why Zeal

We have a proven methodology in helping clients achieve the desired change. Given the right client parameters and commitment our approach can drive radical change quickly. Design the correct strategy and then execute effortlessly is our motto.

If you would like to understand more about how we can assist you to shift from managing safety to working safely, we would be happy to work with you to design the approach. Please feel free to contact Carl Luttig on +61 418 566 877 or +61 3 9614 3599 if you would like to discuss further.