The Zeal Office

Our Transformation Services …

  • … are a tailored mix of business consulting, organisational design, change management and leadership development;
  • By integrating our business framework model with the required engagement, strategy, capability, safety and risk approaches, we accelerate the shift required to realise your transformation goals; and,
  • We have tested and strengthened our approach by leading complex change projects locally and internationally, across many industries.
  • ZEAL works in close collaboration with our clients and use co-design solutions at all levels of the organisation. We give them a sustainable competitive advantage, enhance their capabilities and ultimately create lasting results through customised solutions and a culture of learning and engagement that creates the necessary change.

    By leveraging the existing investments in people, systems and processes we enable an organisation to achieve sustainable operational excellence and maintain it.

    Our promise is we will give you lasting results whilst helping you build an organisation that is WORKING SAFELY. You will experience your future state as you are building it.


The necessary evolution of ZEAL

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

We believe that businesses should embrace change. If you don’t change, most likely you will lose your competitive edge and in the process would more than likely fail to meet the needs of your growing customer base, perhaps even losing your loyal customers. At ZEAL we decided to commit to refreshing the brand in late 2013. Our business has been in existence for 18 years, during which we have undergone similar changes twice in the past in order to remain relevant in our market. This was no different. We were in need of a makeover, not only in its look and brand, but also internally and in the way we market ourselves. ..

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