Safety Audits & Training

We provide strategy, training and auditing services. Our starting point is clarity around the future:

Safety Strategy

  • Change cannot be accomplished by acknowledging problems; it requires a vision to be a guiding beacon for our strategies. Vision precedes plans.
  • What we need to do is what we can construct or make to move towards the future vision. It is the area of invention and design. We cannot move towards vision without invention.
  • Then follows the methods and plans by which we realize the inventions. This will include the arts and skills by which we can realise our ideas, the resources we require and the alignment of our new strategies with current culture and ways of working.

Safety Training

  • Managerial Leadership – Executives to Supervisors
  • Officers Due Diligence Obligations under the WHS Act
  • General Awareness
  • Safety for Supervisors
  • Hazard Management
    • Major Hazard Control - the ‘Basis of Safely’
  • Incident Investigations
  • Hearts and Minds Toolkit
  • Train the Trainer
  • Conducting Safety Meetings

Ultimately, we need to create and reach the ‘SweetSpot’, where everyone knows what to do, and care enough to do it:


        • External Governance Audits for Boards or Executive Committees
        • ZealCare® Evaluations
        • Safety Culture Evaluations
        • Workplace Inspections
        • Hearts and Minds – Culture Ladder Assessments
        • General System Audits
          • OHSAS 18001
          • AS 4801
          • ISO 9001
          • ISO 14001
          • Self-Insurance