Leadership provides the strategy and is the inspiration

ZealCare® is built around one simple model: it unites the efforts of managerial leaders, technical/professional staff and operators in one simple picture. This has the great benefit of giving complex and small organisations a clear focus and a simple shared language, thus preventing fragmented and unco-ordinated efforts.

The Framework enables us to plot efforts against changing culture. The vertical axis represents our key goal – changed people – in bringing about a health and safety revolution. The three curves represent the three complementary levels of the framework to manage the health and safety challenge.

Discipline is the ‘perspiration’ level: a set of procedures, controls and responsibilities that reduce risk at the task level.

Analysis is the ‘understanding’ level of the system. Systems are needed that analyse the work environment, scanning for emerging risks and recommending risk reduction strategies. This is the part of the system that ‘never sleeps’.

Leadership is the ‘inspiration’ level of the system. Leaders at all levels must become safety converts, and then translate this passion into plans and a reporting system so they keep their finger on the pulse.