Three Big Challenges Facing the Mining Industry and How You Can Turn them into Opportunities for Growth

A White Paper by Zeal 

“Only by ensuring safety for our workforces, focusing on operational excellence, and effectively managing structural change will we be able to remain sustainable and productive in these volatile times. And after.”

Carl Luttig, Managing Director – Zeal

Decision makers in the mining industry are focusing on their strategy. This typically involves realising their goals while:

  • Growing their business
  • Increasing profit margin
  • Managing costs sustainably
  • Getting the right staff
  • Keeping their staff safe

And all of this is being done against a backdrop of volatile commodity process, capricious shareholder confidence, increased input costs, and falling investments. The key decision maker knows the solution is strategic yet much of their time and effort is spent on the reactive and unplanned.

As the Australian mining sector moves from ‘the development and construction phase’ to ‘the production phase’, for an increasing number of decision makers, a larger percentage of their revenue will be derived from existing operations and known resources.

Mining is a cyclical industry and experienced miners are used to market swings. However, ‘waiting out’ a market swing is not an option for many and has in the past, resulted in sacrificing profitability and viability.

Mining your Business White Paper(PDF)